As we traverse through the uneven terrain of my life, I hope you gain some insight into a day of the teenaged homeschooler. That’s right, I’m a homeschooler, but don’t run away in terror just yet. Believe it or not, being a homeschooler does not take up all of my time. I’m also a cinephile (do you have to look that one up? I swear it isn’t creepy); music lover and guitarist; intern; part time college student; off-and-on writer, independent filmmaker (in the works) . . .
I recently turned the age where boys are supposed to transfer into manhood through the ability to vote, buy cigarettes, and be charged as adults for criminal activity, among other, slightly less “charming” newly-gained perks of adulthood. Oh yes, the big one-eight. I am homeschooled and have been since I was a wee lad. However, I am still able to hold conversations with my peers and act “normally” in public settings, as hard as that might be to grasp. Being homeschooled all your life certainly has its fair share of perks and hindrances. The list goes on and on, but an example I often refer to is that of socializing and scheduling. When you’re homeschooled, your schedule can be much more flexible than that of a child or teen attending public or private school. However, finding outlets to socialize with peers instead of being trapped in your home five days a week with your parental unit can be quite tasking.
Luckily, I did not have to look far to find multiple ways in which I could balance schoolwork and more expansive education and experiences. One of the most influential and helpful of these avenues is a fantastic homeschooling resource center by the name of Open Connections (which will undoubtedly get more mention later in this blog). Through Open Connections and other similar outlets, such as my recent internship at Bryn Mawr Film Institute, I have been able to blend the socialization a teenager craves with less traditional schooling while still finding time for all of my school work. On top of this, I have two central passions in my life: music and cinema. That is a small snippet of my life. So, let’s begin. My name is Mike.


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