Longwood Gardens

Ever since I was a wee baby, I have been going to be a magical and wonderful place called Longwood Gardens. In fact, it was the destination of my very first outing in the world (not including the ride home from the hospital, obviously).

Regardless of the time of year, there are always beautiful sights to take in atLongwood Gardens 

Hosting 1,077 acres of breath-taking scenery, it is one of the premier botanical gardens in the US. On top of the endless naturalistic allure while strolling the gardens, there are also an assortment of themed events such as a firework show or multi-colored water fountain display set to music and concerts.

The second I step into the visitor’s center, partially under a hill that borders a section of the massive property, there’s always a feeling of excitement in my gut. I have gone to Longwood Gardens once a year at the very least for all eighteen years of my life, yet the experience never tires.

Walking wrapped in scarf and coat on the beautifully snow-covered ground, the magnificently lit trees gleaming in the cold winter months before taking refuge in the grand (and heated) conservatory is just as magical as it was when I was six.

During the summer, fountains are alive all over the grounds while a beautiful waterfall rushes past a chimes tower by a ledge of rocks. The Eye of Water flows freely, accepting all penny donations, and the Catfish glide happily in their pond, waiting to ripple the waters as their heads pop up to take food from kneeling visitors.

Longwood Gardens is one of the few places I have been on Earth that I can describe with full confidence as magical. With every visit, I am swept back into the feeling of childhood wonderment and excitement mingled with a bittersweet happiness as I think about the years going by . . . not to be sentimental.

So, if you’re in Pennsylvania and want to take a step into the enchanting, you have to look no further.